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I have had a love of fashion, and all things clothing, for as long as I can remember.  I think I inherited it.  When I was a child, living in England, my mother owned a boutique.  When I was lucky enough to go to work with her for a few hours or stop by with my father on a Saturday afternoon, in between my ballet class and horseriding lesson, I remember the bright colors and was instantly drawn to the racks.  Unfortunately for me (fortunately for my mother and her subsequent customers), I was too little to reach most of the racks, but I have fond memories of sitting underneath them, looking up at all of the fabrics and colours, in wonder.  I was able, however, to reach the full length gowns, and would walk the length of the rack, lightly grazing my fingertips against the dresses (until my mother saw me and gently told me to stop) taking them in in all their glory, mesmerized by the patterns and hues, and, as it seemed to a small child, the sheer height of them.


My mother was always impeccably dressed and treated each new outfit she bought for me as an amazing gift.  I still feel like that when I buy clothes and accessories today; excited, and sometimes slightly mesmerized.  I enjoy trends as well as classics, think that designers and high street are often best mixed, and believe as many people do, that accessories often make the outfit.  I have lived in the U.S for the past 14 years, and believe that I have a modern style with a European twist.


I must give my husband credit for the creation of this blog, every time someone has complimented me on an outfit or asked where I bought something he looks at me and says “See, this is why you need a blog!”.  I have had a few friends’ husbands “hire” me (I was not paid, I did it for fun) as a personal shopper for their wives, to take them out for a day, with his credit card, to treat them to a new style.  They have also encouraged a blog.  So I have finally given in, and here we are.

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